“I’am afraid I would never see my mom again”

Ms. Xie lives in Quannan County and has a son and a daughter. “She was at home alone when the disaster struck. “I was so nervous that I couldn't speak out a word." She said.


She looked alarmed at the sudden rising flood and hurried home. But later she found that the flood blocked the door of the house. She couldn't open the door by herself and was trapped inside. Fortunately, her next-door neighbors heard her cry for help and broke a corner of the window safety net for Ms. Xie to get through. She managed to get out.


Ms. Xie was more worried about her son. Her 11-year-old son, Xiaoyong, a fourth grader, was sent to school by someone in the community with some other students. When the river rose later, Xiaoyong and some others were blocked by the water at the bridgehead. Fortunately, her son and neighbors returned safely after the river receded a little. Ms. Xie said that when her son returned, he held her the first time and looked a little frightened. Her son told Ms. Xie he was afraid that he would never see his mother again.


Her son was scared, too. Ms. Xie went out to dine and wanted to go home for a while. Her son said, "Mom, don't go there! Mom, don't go there! You're not going in there!" He feared that Ms. Xie would have an accident.


Now, Ms. Xie and her son have moved out of their current house and are staying at her daughter's house on higher ground in the neighboring town (Nanjing Town).