World Vision China Sends Assessment Team to flood-hit areas in Jiangxi Province

On the 11 July, 2020, an Assessment Team consisting of three World Vision staff members set out to Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province to conduct a rapid need assessment of areas hit by floods.

Since June, Wuyuan County has experienced four heavy rain downpours. This has led to floods that brought huge losses to the entire county. As of 11 July, 136,600 people have been affected and 64,600 people had to relocate to safety. More than 20,000 people are in urgent need of living aid. 6096.1 hectares of farmland were hit, causing a loss of 701.6 hectares of crops. In addition, 129 houses were destroyed and 106 houses were seriously damaged. 115 landslides occurred on 45 different roads, and transportation was disrupted on four of these roads. The local government was quick to act and began relief and rehabilitation work to respond to the needs caused by the floods. 

The World Vision team visited Dazhangshan Township, Qinghua Township and Sikou Township in Wuyuan County. Initial assessment found that the biggest need faced by those affected were access to food, quilts, daily supplies and to rebuild the infrastructures destroyed by the flood. World Vision also focused on the needs of children. At a temporary shelter they visited, World Vision staff gave child friendly kits to the children. This is so that they have toys to play with, which could help them recover from the shock they had been through. Xiaoli, a 12-year-old girl living with her family in the temporary shelter, lost her home to the flood in her village. She said, "My younger sister and I like the rabbit doll we received the most, because our younger brother was born in the Year of the Rabbit."

With a clearer understanding of the needs, World Vision is planning to donate about RMB250,000 worth of items, including 1,000 quilts, 300 family kits, 100 child-friendly kits and 100 hygiene kits to help affected households. World Vision is also working to obtain more funding to meet other needs such as food. The World Vision team will be heading to Pengze County of Jiujiang City in Jiangxi Province to conduct more assessments.


▲At one of the worst hit villages in Wuyuan County, the flood water level was almost two storeys high. The flood has left houses in dilapidated states, destroying both the exterior and interior.


▲A collapsed telephone pole, destroyed by the flood.


▲World Vision staff finding out the damage to crops caused by the flood from a local community member.