Do you remember this winter? --UPS visited Luanping Zhongxin Primary School

“Do you remember that hot summer?” This is a song sung by a Pop singer Karen Mok. Children in the Luanping Zhongxin Primary School may never heard of it, but they were all using a similar rhetoric sentence “Do you remember…?” in their letters. To whom are they writing these letters and of what those children want to be remembered?

Those letters were writing to a group of people, called UPS. In October 2016, the children’s center donated by UPS to Luanping  Zhongxin Primary School was completed. 29 staffs of UPS and their families visited the village in Luanping to see the left-behind children there.

The visitors played games and labored in the field together with the local kids. They also brought winter hats, books and school supplies as gifts to show them love.

UPS visitors were playing with the kids

UPS visitors brought gifts for the children

In most villages of Luanping, many children became left-behind as their parents leave for work. Due to lack of daily caring and supervision, many children have problem in communication and mental health. The children’s center not only provides a safe indoor playground, but also many activities children can participate at, such as music lessons, living skills training, and personal caring and so on. With the coming of winter, children wore the UPS donated hats, sat in the brand-new children’s center and wrote to the UPS staffs.

“Dear Uncles and Aunties, how are you? Are you doing well recently? I miss you very much. When will you come again? I want to play with you again, and you? I love you.  Yue Yue

“I was very happy on that day. When you left, I did not want you go…Play with you just like play with my peers, I felt the joy. Thank you for the gift.”  Xiao Yue

”Dear Uncles and Aunties of UPS…you may have forgotten me…All of you are so kind. You gave each of us a hat. The hat is so softy. I like it very much. Millions of thanks.  Xiao Na

”I heard you went to the field. On our way back home, I wore the hat and didn’t feel cold any more. I wish you all a good life, enjoy your work and have a good health.  Xiao Tao

Dear UPS friends, can you feel their thoughts within the lines? In their memory, this winter is not cold anymore, because of gifts you gave generously. Because of the children’s center, they now have a safe place to play at. Because of the books donated, they may have a different future. Will you remember this winter? A group of children got warmed in their heart and body, because of you.