World Vision has been working in mainland China for 40 years


Established in 1950, World Vision responded to Qinghai floods in Mainland China for the first time in 1982. From 1982 to 2022, World Vision has been working in Mainland China for 40 years. We looks back on our work over the past 40 years, and has witnessed the improvement of children and their families and the development and changes of their communities. #40yearsForChildren

It takes a world to end violence against children - Mandatory Reporting Capacity Building Training Held in Shaanxi 

Issued on May 7, 2020, the "Opinions on Establishing a Mandatory Reporting Mechanism for Cases Involving Underage Victims (Trial)" shall enter into force on a trial basis as of the date of issuance. In order to further implement the mandatory reporting system and create a community environment of "zero tolerance for violence", the Shaanxi Representative Office of World Vision and the Shaanxi Women and Children Development Foundation jointly organized the "It takes a world to end violence against children - Mandatory Reporting Capacity Building Training” on July 23, 2022, a total of 52 people from schools, communities, social organizations, enterprises and law circle participated in the training.

The Longxian "Happy Homes" Village and Community Mutual Aid Project was signed

On June 28, 2022 morning, World Vision launched the "Happy Homes" Village and Community Mutual Aid Project at the Baoji Charity Federation office. The project will take place in 18 villages in Longxian County in partnership with Baoji Charity Federation and Longxian Charity Association. It will cover "child protection, health, disaster prevention and mitigation" work. An estimated 2 million CNY will be used to implement this project by September 30, 2025.

Building harmonious families for children by discovering the multirole of Moms.


From May 30 to June 1, World Vision and our corporate partners – IKEA Tianhe Store, Melissa & Doug, and famous artist Mr. Lin Xuhui- are launching the #MoreThanJustAMom# campaign. We will be releasing "Listen to Mom's Story" videos, "My Mother, My Home" parent-child online painting exhibition, and "Mom's Tips" interactive game, all centered on the importance of a mother's well-being, health, and personal needs that enables her to nurture the growth of her children.

Guarding the Future - Child Protection Capacity Building Project for Front-line Social Workers Officially Launched in Shaanxi

On the morning of May 27, 2022, the launching ceremony of the "Watching Growth - Social Workers' Child Protection Capacity Building Program" organized by World Vision Shaanxi Representative Office and Shaanxi Social Workers Association was held at the Northwest University Hotel. Chief Representative of World Vision Chen Weizhong and staff, President of Shaanxi Social Workers Association Liu Ying and staff, representatives of curriculum development teachers and professional supervisors attended the ceremony.

We Made it!




The award is a recognition of the collective efforts with local partners and commmunities, thanks to the continuous support from people worldwide.


About Us

Established in 1950, World Vison International is a child-focused relief, development and advocacy organization devoted to serve children, their families and communities in impoverished regions. Currently, World Vision is working in about 100 countries and regions across the world.

In 1993, World Vision China was established to carry out a wide variety of work on poverty alleviation and community development. Since the Law on Administration of Activities of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland China went into effect in 2017, we have completed registration of eight representative offices in eight province/regions/municipalities to better contribute to China's poverty alleviation and development through collaboration with government, CSOs and communities.

In 2022, World Vision China worked in 8 provinces/municipalities/regions across China. The funding is supported by World Vision offices worldwide, of which almost 70% is raised from the Hong Kong and Macau public.

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