Procurement Cooperation

World Vision 's procurement is regulated by an internal control framework and the standards contained in the Statement of Financial Disclosure and Declaration of Interest, as well as the Impartiality Statement. To provide an efficient procurement process and delivery of goods and services, World Vision negotiates and maintains long-term agreements with vendors frequently engaged by our offices and partners based on local market conditions.  

World Vision's procurement principles:

Value for money, impartial and transparent, equal and effective competition

Procurement method:

Based on competitive negotiation offers, short-term/long-term agreements, depending on procurement conditions.

Procurement material and location:

  1. Education supplies (books, toys, furniture, multimedia machine for teaching, computers, and others)
  2. Solar energy equipment (street lights, water heaters, and others)
  3. Child-friendly and family kits (including daily necessities, personal protective equipment, stationery, schoolbag, and others)

【The material mentioned above are purchased in places including, but not limited to Shaanxi, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Guangxi】

Supplier standard:

  1. The Supplier is registered in the People's Republic of China, can independently assume civil liability, and can produce and supply, including legal persons and their affiliates;
  2. Comply with relevant national laws, regulations, and guidelines related to the procurement industry, have a good business reputation and financial accounting system;
  3. Good supply strength and logistics capability;
  4. Have the equipment and professional technical capability to perform the contract;
  5. Have a good tax and social security record according to law;
  6. Holds no major business activities violation record in the past three years;
  7. Understand and recognize World Vision's public welfare philosophy;
  8. Comply with other conditions stipulated by the relevant procurement-related laws and administrative regulations.

Contact us

Ms. Zhao (Xi'an) 
Tel: 029-87860141-814

Ms. Wang (Kunming)
Tel: 0871-67157221

Ms. Li (Nanning)
Tel: 0771-5846362-630

Suppliers and individuals whose information is obtained by World Vision as a result of procurement may contact World Vision for the processing of personal information. The contents of this statement shall prevail if other statements in the procurement process are inconsistent with this statement.

We look forward to meaningful collaborations to build a better future for children!