Hand washing is also a big issue

Like many rural elderly, Xiaotao’s over 60-year-old grandma does farming work at home independently because Xiaotao’s parents both went out to take migrant jobs. Xiaotao, who is only 4 years old, is cared by his grandma.

Xiaotao’s grandma is a cheerful and warm-hearted person and has participated actively in all activities organized by World Vision in the community. This year, World Vision has carried out washing hands properly and preventing child diarrhea activities in the community, Xiaotao’s grandma has taken part in actively as always, and during the process she answered questions from time to time, which mobilized the atmosphere on site.

During the activity, when hearing it is about washing hands, villagers thought it is a very simple issue at the beginning, “Who cannot wash their hands, does that bother you to teach? We have already such a great age and wash hands everyday”, “Making hand washing such a grand event, attended by dean of the township hospital and director of the sub-district office, we really don’t know how we should wash our hands.” People rushed to say. Xiaotao’s grandma said, “Maybe washing hands is a big issue, let us listen to them.” Listening to Xiaotao’s grandma’s words, people could not help nodded.

When the activity started, the doctor from the hospital explained the significance of washing hands and the impact of correct hand washing on prevention of child diseases carefully, the noisy people gradually quiet down, and villagers began to realize the importance of the correct hand washing on children’s health and started to learn the 7 steps of hand washing seriously. Villagers simulated with great interest and listened to the explanation of the doctor on the 7 steps of hand washing carefully. “There are 7 steps with hand washing, we have really learned something.” Villagers said excitedly.  

At the second time, villagers organized a hand washing contest and watched videos on correct hand washing and diarrhea prevention, everyone participated in the contest actively and commanded the right ways of hand washing, and meanwhile, to give demonstration on the stage.

During the project return visit, Xiaotao said, “I have learned the right ways of washing hands and sometimes I demonstrated to other kids and teach them to wash hands.” Xiaotao’s grandma said, “Thank World Vision for teaching us how to wash hands correctly, now my grandson and I have mastered the method. Previously, Xiaotao doesn’t like to wash hands before meals and sometimes he will have loose bowels. Since participated in this hand washing activity, he even pushes me to wash hands before meals and rarely have diarrhea anymore.”

Since 2015, World Vision has already carried out activities on correct hand washing and diarrhea prevention in 3 project villages and in the future, it will organize similar activities in other project villages to promote the caregivers of children under 5 to take proper care of children and enable children to enjoy a healthy and happy growth.

(Written by Li Yun)