Our Partners

‘We are partners’ is one of World Vision's core values. We cannot work alone to solve child vulnerability. Only by working hand-in-hand with children, communities, donors and supporters, and partners, can World Vision bring broader and more sustainable development to change the lives of vulnerable children we serve.

How we partner
World Vision's role in a community can only ever be temporary, and we recognize that it is our local partners that will sustain and continue to improve children's lives. Therefore, we are committed to seek positive, meaningful and mutual beneficial partnerships with all our partners. This commitment includes co-creating the vision and achievements of a project, mobilizing our resources and capacities, sharing risks, and being transparent and accountable to each other.


World Vision's partnering principles




Gains of partnering
“Partnering and collaboration wherever we work delivers the very best results for the world's vulnerable children”

-Andrew Morley, World Vision International President

World Vision seeks to establish‘win-win’partnerships, so that we can deliver the‘best’to the vulnerable children and communities we serve.


Our partners in 2023  
* Names are listed alphabetically 

Beijing Ciyou Child Welfare Research Center 
Baishan Children's Welfare Institute
Charity Federation of Shaanxi Province and some from prefecture/county-level
China Philanthropy Research Institute 
Duan Yao Autonomous County Lvgen Charity Federation
Guangxi Charity Federation
Liuzhou Charity Association
Nanning Aizhizhou Social Work Service Center
Nanning Xixiangtang District Angel House Rehabilitation and Education Activity Center
Prince of Pease Children’s Home, Wuqing, Tianjin
Shaanxi Gender Development Solution
Shaanxi Renai Children’s Aid Center
Social Work Association of Shaanxi Province
Shaanxi Xiaoci Social Work Development Center
Tianjin Wuqing Prince of Pease Social Work Service Center
Weining County Lake Community Association
Xiaoyun Poverty Alleviation Center
Yangxian Aijia Children & Family Development Association
Yangxian Yixinyi Social Workers Association
Yunnan International Non-government Organization Society
Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation