Children with Special Needs

Although the country's population has grown in the past ten years, the size of child population has been on the decline. The government has also taken measures to prevent birth defects and child injuries to reduce the incidence of disability. However, considering the risk factors that lead to disability is increasing. In 2018, the number of children with special needs is almost the same as the 2006 survey, which is 5 million children(Source:Children in China: An Atlas of Social Indicators, 2018. National Working Committee on Children and Women, National Bureau of Statistics, UNICEF).

In June 2016, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council jointly formulated the Implementation Plan for Providing Targeted Rehabilitation Services for People with Disabilities. In June 2018, the Opinions of the State Council on Establishing a System of Providing Rehabilitation Assistance to Children with Disabilities was released to fully implement the said rehabilitation assistance system in October 1, 2018. In 2019, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation launched a platform where information about rehabilitation assistance is made available to the public and allows parents to apply online for rehabilitation support, further improving the access to rehabilitation and assistance services for children with special needs. 

Children have the rights to survival, protection, development and participation. However, it is difficult for most children with special needs to enjoy these rights equally. To meet the needs of these children who live among communities or in welfare homes, World Vision have projects to support the rehabilitation needs of children whose families are unable to support them, or who are orphans. We also work with local partners to build their capacity and provide equipment and facilities to create effective rehabilitation environments.

World Vision's disability inclusion projects in Guangxi, Shaanxi, and Tianjin expanded to Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Jilin in 2023. We strengthened our collaboration with local government departments, orphanages, healthcare centers, rehabilitation centers, special education institutions, schools, social service agencies, and communities. Our projects focus on supporting children who have multiple vulnerabilities, such as orphans and children with disabilities in rural areas with difficult access to adequate care and resources. We find comprehensive interventions to support their equal and meaningful participation in society.

Project achievements:
Urban and welfare institutions: We developed and promoted a Standard Rating Scale for the Care and Protection of Children, supported child welfare organizations to use an integrated service model that covers "parenting, medical care, education, rehabilitation + social work", supported partners to develop a "Vocational Education Curriculum Manual" and established a "training base", supported social workers and rehabilitation centers to increase sex education classes for children with disabilities, and encouraged youths with disabilities to share their suggestions to help improve public transport and employment guidance services.Rehabilitation services in rural communities: Supported the establishment of community rehabilitation services in rural areas; promoted the collaboration between sectors and experts to support individual case management, enhance existing systems, and improve local vulnerability factors, so that children with disabilities in remote mountainous areas can access services.

In 2023, our disability inclusion program directly impacted the lives of 6,372 people.

  • 2,188 children can access quality rehabilitation, education, and social work services.
  • 845 social workers and caregivers caring for 1,092 children trained in child protection and sex education for children with disabilities.
  • 1,057 caregivers learned to care for children with disabilities.
  • 926 children received support to participate in community activities.

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