From Changed to a Changemaker


Jay is 13 years old and attends 6th Grade in primary school. He is small, thin, and has eyes that reflect a calm demeanor often seen in introverted personalities.

Jay’s father has a visual impairment and can only do simple housework at home. His two older sisters are much older than Jay and work or study in another town. His mother has borne the family’s financial burdens and works very hard. Jay’s grandparents cared for him and were his companions growing up.



The road to change



When Jay joined the Children's Center a few years ago, the Director noticed he was reticent. When they discovered that Jay's grandfather had passed away, they tried to comfort him and help him overcome his grief. The Children's Director also noticed that Jay stuttered whenever he shared during activity time and could only say a few sentences. He seldom spoke to the other children.

To help Jay overcome his shyness, the Children's Director invited Jay to join a children's group and attend more activities. This gave him more opportunities to play with children his age and gradually build his courage to express himself.


Jay shared his ideas and hopes for his community with World Vision China leaders at a sharing session.


After two years of attending various activities, Jay has become more cheerful. He loves coming to the Children’s Center to join its activities and even volunteered for the school’s Children’s Day event, helping to maintain order during that day and the award ceremony. Jay also now speaks confidently to his peers during activity time. In June 2022, he was invited to talk to World Vision senior leaders, government representatives and academic experts, where he spoke about his thoughts and vision and offered some ideas for his community.


Jay, 3rd from the left, participates in a group discussion with other children and draws their dream village.



Giving to better a community



Jay has always been a kind-hearted child. While attending the Children's Center's weekend program to serve their community, Jay always took the most challenging and tedious cleaning job. Since joining the children's group, he has become confident in expressing his ideas. He also began helping people in need in the community and is always ready to do his part to make his village a happy place to live.


Jay always volunteers to clean at the Children’s Center.


As a member of the children's group, Jay led his peers to organize a spring cleaning, serving their community by maintaining the cleanliness of their village.


During the New Year’s Day celebration, Jay (first from left) and his friends from the children’s group were tasked to decorate the Children’s Center.


'I am a member of the children's group at the community Children's Center. I help in some activities, such as sharing about traffic safety. I tell other children about traffic safety, and they go home and share this knowledge with their parents. This can also help us improve our communication with our parents."



Jay and his friends came up with the initiative to visit some older people in the village during the Dragon Boat Festival and bring them rice dumplings. They wanted to show their care and share warmth with the older people whose children were not with them during the festive season.


Jay has come to learn that family relationships are important. He shares, “ ‘A happy family is when everyone can live together peacefully.”


Jay's mother is happy to see her youngest son become more and more confident and put his heart into helping others in whatever way he can.


To help children like Jay live life to the fullest, World Vision has established ten Children's Centers and formed children’s groups in the county and its surrounding villages where Jay lives. Children learn life skills such as building their self-confidence, communication skills, responsibilities and management as they participate in the day-to-day running of the Children’s Center. Children are encouraged to be agents of change in their community and villages through participation and servitude, building them to become the pillars of their nation.


From May 15-29, World Vision offices are coming together to launch a global initiative called the #Changemaker to celebrate the contribution of children and young people as agents of change, especially to #EndViolenceAgainstChildren. We will witness the strength and action taken by these children, listen to their voices, and see the positive impact they are making in their communities.