Child Protection

Childhood is a critical development period. It influences one's personal growth and family harmony, and plays a role in the advancement of a country and society. As time progressed, many new challenges about the protection of children have surfaced. As a result of this, propositions to establish special government agencies, improve the legal system to address child issues, drive the principle that children-comes-first, and enhance the judiciary system with regard to minors, have all been tabled to ensure the well-being of children. 

World Vision China works with government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic institutions and community members to serve and protect children, especially the most vulnerable, as well as to strengthen child protection systems at the community level. 

Our Goal:Children are protected from all forms of violence.

  1. Community has the right skills and mindset to provide a caring and protective environment for children.
  2. Community has the right mindset, knowledge and ability to identify and protect children from any form of violence.
  3. Community is able to respond to the child protection needs of children.

Our Approach
World Vision uses the INSPIRE: Seven Strategies for Ending Violence Against Children, which was developed by the World Health Organization and other agencies, as our guiding framework, and a systematic approach to address the root causes of violence against girls and boys. We bring key actors together to create caring and supportive environments for children, especially the most vulnerable children.

  • Support the implementation and enforcement of laws by engaging with the government, academia and NGOs to pilot projects and support the implementation of child protection legislations and policies.
  • Promote education and life skills to enable children and youth to protect themselves and their peers, and to participate and address child protection issues that affects them. World Vision China developed life skills education modules and partnered with local schools and NGOs to launch these modules among children and youth. 
  • Promote norms and values that cultivate protective behaviors toward children such as non-violence, mutual respect, gender equality and other positive values. 
  • Create and sustain safe environments by collaborating with government and NGOs to establish safe, inclusive and barrier-free community environments, raise the capacity of key stakeholders to identify and respond to child protection incidents, and strengthen child protection systems in communities. 
  • Provide better support to parents and caregivers by collaborating with academia to develop family education manuals, toolkits and training modules about positive, non-violent disciplining methods and parent-and-child communications. 
  • Enhance response and support services by raising the capacity of local NGOs and children welfare actors to effectively provide child protection services. 
  • Improve income and economic resilience by supporting parents and caregivers have sustainable livelihood so that they can care for children and provide secure living environments.

In 2023, World Vision China's child protection and development program served more than 192,706 people:.

  • 28,907 children increased their awareness and ability to protect themselves. 
  • 6,022 children in children's groups built their confidence and acquired skills to serve their peers and communities.  
  • 5,483 child welfare workers serving at least 90,000 children trained to protect and assist children threatened by violence. 
  • 19,203 parents trained in positive parenting to reduce children's risk of experiencing domestic violence.

Every child deserves an abundant life and to be free from all forms of violence. In China, World Vision focuses on ending domestic violence against children, so that every girl and boy can grow in a positive and caring environment, free from the threat of domestic violence.

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